The Ledge Short Line Railway
Monday, December 31,  2012
The LSL Railway is slowly taking shape as we await more equipment deliveries.
Saturday, January 5,  2013
Four more rail cars have arrived. Total of 13 have been received so far which stretch out about 7 feet.
Monday, January 7,  2013
Double tracked The Ledge installation. Looks a lot more interesting!
Tuesday, January 8,  2013
Well, that about does it! Received a bunch of cars yesterday and today just about completing the full order of 30 cars and 2 locomotives. The cars seem to stretch for miles to the opposite end of the window ledge. Looks like it is already at full capacity! Those locos look too real. Also received some nice brass  track yesterday with a simulated roadbed attached. Much easier on the hands with the ties integrated to the simulated roadbed so their sharp corner edges dont scratch like claws. Also this track replaces the fiddling joiners with a much easier to align snap together feature to connect sections of track.
Monday, January 14,  2013
Received a neat caboose today
Friday, January 25,  2013
Received the Rio Grande switch engine  today! Nice looking unit very detailed
Well, thats it then. Got as much as The Ledge and my bank account can handle for now...
Sunday, March 10, 2013
Started work on the Table Top Layout division of the LSL Railway

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Table Top Layout Completed!
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