No Free Concerts Anymore at the PNE

They have really done their best to hide the fact that there is no free admission to the PNE amphitheatre anymore..All enquiries are directed to the site which says nothing about it, but I found one site way down the list which sort of provided an answer..

Prices & Seat Reservation
General Admission to Summer Night Concerts is FREE** with admission to the Fair. Concerts are FREE with admission but starting Friday, May 27 at 10:00am, super fans will have the opportunity to purchase a limited number of reserved seats starting at just $15. Reserved seats can be purchased online or onsite from the ticket booth located outside the venue entrance within the fairgrounds.

**KiSS RADiO WHAM BAM concert-goers must purchase Fair Gate admission in addition to concert tickets to gain entrance to the PNE Amphitheatre. The concerts will not be free with Fair Gate admission.

So they set up some video and sound under a tent outside the amphitheatre and call it free

At the Pat Banatar Concert on Friday Sept  2  2016 they opened up the bleachers again! Yay! Found out from a security guard that management was experimenting with closing off the bleachers and issuing wrist bands at the Steve Miller and Foreigner concerts which resulted in a huge lineup which I guess didnt work out for them so they opened the bleachers to everyone again. They are all painted green and divided into sections with numbers spaced out ass wide.