This is a simple case of Russia's morally bankrupt clients showing how stupid and ignorant they are. If you give advanced equipment to untrained mercenaries you get crap like this. Stop trying to defend the indefensible and grow up. Your 'bros' will probably be facing charges of war crimes if they are ever caught. Most likely they have already hauled their cowardly asses across the Russian border because they think Putin and his band of thugs will protect them now that things have gone from bad to disastrous. The rebels boasted online about shooting down the plane then erased it. They've already been seen trying to get the Buk missile system that shot the plane down out of the area. There are tapes where they admit to the shooting. They won't let inspectors onto the site. They are concealing the black boxes from the plane. The rebels had been shooting down Ukrainian planes in the area over the previous few days. The rebels have also been removing the bodies and wreckage from the site without any qualified supervision. These are boys pretending to be men suddenly realizing they've been caught. They're frantically scrambling to cover up the evidence and don't have the honor to admit what they did and take the consequences.

- Arctic Ron comment on a Gwynne Dyer article on the disaster
Jul 19, 2014 at 5:04 am