Internet Extortion

Some consumers are aware of the latest and most notable iteration of this trend known as CryptoLocker, which encrypts the user’s data with a 2048-bit RSA Algorithm. The scammers weren’t fooling around when they invented this complicated algorithm, which is incredibly difficult – if not impossible – to crack without a key, which will cost victims about $150 to $300.

Cryptolocker has been incredibly successful. Owing to surprisingly good “customer service” — the majority of people who pay the ransom have their files restored — the men behind the Cryptolocker curtain have raked in over $27 million in Bitcoin over a period of three months, according to an examination of the Bitcoin blockchain by ZDNet.

It's scary stuff certainly, but home users and business owners still have one easy way out – ensuring all their files are backed up using a cloud-based service, untouchable to any scammers.
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